‘Sankalpa’ – Women’s Alliance for Peace, Justice, and Democracy, is an alliance of diverse women’s organization. Sankalpa literally means a resolve, a promise, a commitment, and determination. As such it strives to give voice, genuine space, dignity and respect to Nepali women in the new constitution in the making of Nepal. Sankalpa is dedicated to ensure women’s equal opportunity in the state making process irrespective of caste, ethnicity, religion, language, occupation, or degree of physical ability. Its objective is that diverse groups of women are visibly engaged at all levels of the Constituent Assembly and peace building processes. It has defined itself as “Mission 50/50”, meaning proportionate and representative participation of women at all levels of the peace process and all state structures.

Sankalpa was initiated after the peace process began in April 2006, and was legally established on 24 June, 2011 after being registered at the local district administration office. Sankalpa, as an inclusive alliance joins hands also with all other alliances and movements of women to build solidarity to consolidate women’s strengths to achieve what we collectively set out to do.


A peaceful, just, equitable and democratic Nepal where women play a decisive and powerful role in governance and politics


Alliance with the mission 50-50: women will participate equally in all spheres of Nepali life with focus on increasing their role and contribution in the constitutional bodies and state institutions.


Increased decisive and powerful role of women in peace, governance and politics


Leading women’s alliance through inclusive participation and equality for peace justice & democracy

Values and Principles


Respect and dignity

Equity for equality



Unity in diversity


Transparency and accountability

Strategic Focus Areas

Capacity Building

Movement Building

Institution Building

Organization Building

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National Consultation with women Leaders


National Consultation with women Leaders